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An Incredible Opportunity

Over the past 40 years I have watched as senior class after senior class has graduated from colleges across our nation.  Each year among those graduates are many Christian students ... some who have met Jesus and come to faith while they have been in college ... others who found fellowship among many of the excellent ministries on campus like CRU, DiscipleMakers, Navigators and Young Life.

However, I have witnessed that many of these graduates struggle to find the same sort of fellowship, discipleship, and challenging opportunities that they experienced as students while involved in these campus ministries.  In many cases they struggle to fit in with a local church in the communities where they are launching ito their chosen vocational field.  Sadly, many find that their passion for following Christ wanes as the experience the pressure of trying to make their way iin their field and in life in general.

Good News!  Now there is an opportunty available to build on what you have experienced in college.  In Roanoke, VA and in Chester County, PA, two friends of mine are beginning ministries that will help graduates integrate what they have learned on campus into the life of the church and community they are going to live in an prayefully shine as a light for Jesus.

These two ministries are called "Blue Ridge Fellows" and "Chester County Fellows."  These two ministries are providing 9 month fellowships (internships) to recent college graduates with the hope of helping them begin their professional careers in an integrated, community-rich internship that challenges them to live out a seamless faith faith in Christ.

Perhaps you know someone, or you yourself, who would like to:

  • Bring the Christianity they experienced on campus and see it integrated into the life of a church family
  • Continue to be challenged to live out your faith in all areas of your life.
  • Have mentors who will help you find a job in your chosen new vocational field and then help you learn to live out your faith on that job.
  • Experience what a real family of believers reaching out to the community around them can be like.
  • Continue to have your knowledge of Jesus and His Word developed.

Well if so, these two fellow programs may be for you (or your friends).  Please check these two opportunities out on the opportunities page of this site.  Share them with friends who you think might be interested.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about these two new ministries and the men who are leading them.  Check then out! 


Jim Rhodes